The Wheel

Robin Hungerford’s practice examines the role of the human body in our increasingly digitised and dehumanised modern world. Working on an immersive scale, he engages hand-drawing as a human action that resists algorithmic systemising.
Hungerford is interested in the ways in which imagination and the creative process exist outside of the recurrent mechanisms that inform contemporary human experience. Using pre-digital illustration and animation techniques, he builds elaborate visual allegories that denote the postmodern condition. His traditional method of drawing celebrates the imperfections produced through human physicality. Slow-moving, measured and meticulous, Hungerford’s process consciously opposes our fast-paced technological existence.
Robin Hungerford Spirits (The Wheel Part 1), 2021; ink on paper; 175 x 120 cm; Enquire
Spirits (The Wheel Part 1), 2021ink on paper175 x 120 cmEnquire
Robin Hungerford Mind Map, 2020; ink on paper; 240 x 120 cm; Enquire
Mind Map, 2020ink on paper240 x 120 cmEnquire
Robin Hungerford Geist (The Wheel Part 2), 2021; 4k looped video; 24 drawings; dimensions variable; Enquire
Geist (The Wheel Part 2), 20214k looped video; 24 drawingsdimensions variableEnquire
Robin Hungerford The Great Fabricator, 2016; resin, gold leaf; 70 x 22 x 22 cm; Enquire
The Great Fabricator, 2016resin, gold leaf70 x 22 x 22 cmEnquire