These seemingly abstract entry points represent the expanse that lies between knowing and unknowing. Vangelov’s portals are not static silhouettes but transitory thresholds to all that exists beyond our tangible realities. They are shadows of the unseen.
Suzanna Vangelov brings a deep embodied knowledge to her practice that ties together her way of being in the world and approach to making. For Vangelov, these modes are indistinguishable. As a mother, maker and daughter of Macedonian/ Australian immigrants, Vangelov’s material application manifests an inherited labour, care and vulnerability. Her generous process offers an intimate introspection of self and ingress into alternate forms of knowledge.
— Nikki van der Horst
Suzanna Vangelov unlock, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 173 x 130 cm; Enquire
unlock, 2021canvas, distemper, thread173 x 130 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov Africa, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 175 x 130 cm; Enquire
Africa, 2021canvas, distemper, thread175 x 130 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov Fulcrum, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 172 x 187 cm; Enquire
Fulcrum, 2021canvas, distemper, thread172 x 187 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov Segment, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 173 x 128 cm; Enquire
Segment, 2021canvas, distemper, thread173 x 128 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov semblance, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 422 x 86 cm; Enquire
semblance, 2021canvas, distemper, thread422 x 86 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov untitled, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 173 x 105 cm; Enquire
untitled, 2021canvas, distemper, thread173 x 105 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov close, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 137 x 111 cm; Enquire
close, 2021canvas, distemper, thread137 x 111 cmEnquire
Suzanna Vangelov Fold, 2021; canvas, distemper, thread; 157 x 138 cm; Enquire
Fold, 2021canvas, distemper, thread157 x 138 cmEnquire