Casting a Vision

Reminiscent of swarms, maps, constellations and crowds, Daniel's sculptures demonstrate a compelling sense of collectiveness. As a close observer of the day’s rhythms and rituals, she describes the many ant hills dotted nearby her studio and the movements of the resident ant colony – likening their collective and at times chaotic tracks to those she observes in pedestrian traffic.
Daniel’s interest in the mechanics of moving bodies and the energy these masses generate may in part reference her own movements across oceans and land mass, from Baghdad to Australia. Her sculptural silhouettes appear as though they chart territory and trace coastal borders where the land dissolves into the water. They are observations of movement from above or at a distance.
— from Nikki van der Horst, The bed at the bottom of your coffee cup, exhibition text to accompany Rmsina Daniel: 'Casting a Vision'
Rmsina Daniel People 2, 2021; steel; 100 x 550 cm; Enquire
People 2, 2021steel100 x 550 cmEnquire
Rmsina Daniel Place 5, 2021; steel; 100 x 154 cm; Enquire
Place 5, 2021steel100 x 154 cmEnquire
Rmsina Daniel Place 4, 2021; steel; 114 x 125 cm; Enquire
Place 4, 2021steel114 x 125 cmEnquire
Rmsina Daniel Place 6, 2021; steel; 152 x 85 cm; Enquire
Place 6, 2021steel152 x 85 cmEnquire
Rmsina Daniel Place 7, 2021; steel; 111 x 117 cm; Enquire
Place 7, 2021steel111 x 117 cmEnquire